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About Zhengzhou Library

Zhengzhou Library was established in the year of 1953. With over sixty years of development, it has become one of the leading public libraries in China.

Presently, Zhengzhou Library comprises of two libraries: the Original Library located in Dashiqiao and the New Library in Zhengdong New District. The Original Library in Dashiqiao is located at No.6 of Nanyang Road in Jinshui District of Zhengzhou City. It was built in December 1990 and officially opened to the public on September 1994. It occupied an area of 11240 square meters, and the building area is 9699 square meters.

The New Library of Zhengzhou Library, which is also known as Zhengzhou Civic Culture Center, is located at No. 10 Kewen 1st Street in Zhengdong New District of Zhengzhou City. Visitors are able to get services including document collection, data transmission, education, culture and leisure. Furthermore, you could do academic research, creative and cultural activities in the magnificent modern building. The New Library with a building area of 72450 square meters covers over 50922 square meters. The building contains 5 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. It is projected to hold a collection of 2.4 million pieces/items, and designed to provide 3000 seats for readers. The number of designed average daily visitors is 6000. Its construction began in June 2009, and the main part was completed in June 2012. The New Library opened to the public on August 2013. The construction of the New library sticks to the idea of “people-oriented service” and “civic participation”, which have achieved further breakthroughs and innovation in the aspects of building scale, energy saving and emission reduction, intelligent new technology application, and etc..

There are reading and lending area, newspapers and periodicals reading area, multilingual reading room, barrier-free reading room, children’s reading room, multimedia collection, reading room for ancient books, local collection reading room, academic conference area, education area and culture& leisure zone in the New library. Free wireless internet access is available at all reading areas of the Library. Readers are able to acquire information according to their multiple needs.

The New library embraces smart and digital design, and utilizes modern IT to integrate technologies and equipments including digital resources, multimedia display and information interaction, library business management system, and reader self-assisted service for smart management and service. A smart information service platform, which combines multiple smart service terminals, enhances library-reader interaction and puts an end to the traditional library service model. Readers are introduced to the latest trend in the modern library.

The New library adopts Symphony integrated library system, on which the “Zhengzhou Regional Alliance of Public Library Service” is built, covering all libraries in districts and regions of Zhengzhou. A free interlibrary loan system and library information sharing between members of the alliance are now available for readers.

At this moment, Zhengzhou Library holds a collection of over 1.1 million pieces/ items, where more than 3000 rare books and 100 thousand materials about the Cultural Revolution are the special collection of Zhengzhou Library. Among them, the Yuan Dynasty block-printed edition of Yunfu qunyu is a precious and rare edition of the book, while the Qing Manuscript Sanguozhi yuxizhuan is the only existing full-length copy of the book. In May of 2010, Zhengzhou Library was nominated as National Key Protection Units of Ancient Document by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. The Library has acquired quite a number of different types of electronic resources that are accessible to readers free of charge. The electronic resources contain CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), Chaoxing Digital Resources, Koolearn, and etc.

Since the year of 1990, Zhengzhou Library has been rated as National First Class Library by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China for four times consecutively. It has already become an important center for document and information, social education, cultural and leisure activities, and academic research in Zhengzhou City. As a new cultural landmark of Zhengzhou City, the New Library of Zhengzhou Library will definitely play a positive role in improving the urban public cultural services, satisfying and enriching public’s cultural needs.