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Library Rules

A library is a public welfare cultural institution that collects, sorts, stores, spreads, researches and develops various literature resources and provides reading, inquiry and reference services. It is also a place for reading and studying for readers. When you enter into the Library, please abide by the following regulations.

I. Please obey public orders and keep quiet. In order to avoid any disturbance to others, please do not chat, chase or play in the reading areas and please do not make or receive a phone call in the same areas.

II. Please protect public properties and keep the environment clean. Please do not destroy the service facilities in the Library. Please do not scribble on the books or periodicals, tear up pages of them or possess books and periodicals privately. Please do not litter anything in the Library. Do not bring food or drinks to the reading areas.

III. Please maintain public safety and consciously accept security check. Smoking is prohibited within the Library. Inflammable, explosive or corrosive items are not allowed in the Library. Please do not take pets into the Library.

IV. Please take care of your belongings. Any item unrelated to reading shall be put into electronic lockers. Please carry your valuables with you. Do not leave any item in the locker after closing time. Please use the intelligent devices, elevators and electronic devices according to the operating procedures. It is strictly forbidden to touch or press fire fighting facilities at will.

V. In order to create a quiet reading environment, please do not take infants into the reading areas. Children are welcome to read books in the Children's Reading Room. Parents shall instruct children to use elevators and other devices safely. Please do not leave children alone in the Library.

VI. Behaviors that affect others’ reading and studying, including playing, wandering, chatting and meeting, are prohibited in the Library.

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